Mols mountainbike guide

Guided mountain bike tours in Mols mountains

Singletracks, sightseeing on mountainbikes or bikepacking with
accommodation in the nature of Mols mountains.

We also offer custommade events for companies with lots of other
outdoor activities.


Have you been riding mountain bikes in Mols mountains before? If so, you may think that Mols mountains are mostly gravel roads.
That is not correct ! But it requires you to know the area to find the small tricky singletracks.
I know Mols mountains as my own trouser pocket. I've been riding mountain bikes in Mols mountains since 1998 and I can find just
what you want to ride.

Are you most into gravel road or singletracks and want to visit Trehøje, Tinghulen, Agri baunehøj, Tremose, Helligkilde, Sletterhage lighthouse and get a nature experience along the
way… yes, then it is me you must be guided by.
If you want a overnight mountain bike trip sleeping in the nature in shelter or maybe lavvu and making dinner on bonfire…well, then
this is also an option.

Skulle du være en enlig mountainbiker, vil jeg “make a special price for you”.

Skulle din virksomhed have lyst til en outdoor oplevelse med f.eks. mountainbike, træklatring, stand up padling, teambuilding, vildmarksmad og overnatning under stjernerne, så kontakt os for et tilbud. 

Se forslag til mountainbiketure i Mols bjerge.

Mols Mountainbike Guide

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